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A. Smyth


Artist Profile: A. Smyth


Style: Dream Folk, Indie Rock, Singer Songwriter

Key words: Atmospheric, Romantic, Moving, Caring, Smooth, Subtle, Love, Honest, Shimmering, Laid-Back, Feeling, Spirit, Thoughtful


Here we have an artist that is fully focused on the long road ahead, a young man with a mature outlook on what exactly the music business can be, and how to get the most out of it. Whilst perfecting his sound, as well as each track that he puts out, he allows himself to take his time and keep homed in on what really matters, that is, the craft, and the joy that we can get out of the same – and you can hear it immediately.

Aaron’s music thus far covers a wide range of sound and feeling, from the softer side of say Sufjan Stevens, to a more good old rock vibe of say Ryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen, but always shimmering. On his website it is described as “mixing Dream-folk with Indie Rock heart, his songs sit somewhere between Bruce Springsteen, War on Drugs and Big Thief.” So if you’re a fan of any of these bands you will no doubt be a quick convert.

With a voice that is as near to painterly as possible, and lyrics to boot, the atmosphere created is dreamy and catchy: this is an artist with his sights set on the top of the mountain. Having performed on the high quality music show of Irish television Other Voices Aaron is slowly but surely picking up the attention that he deserves, and where this will take him, we’re certain, is up and up and up.