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About us


Willem Blok

Director of Music

Willem’s background is as a sound engineer and sound designer and as such he takes great pride in the quality of the sound of the recordings added to AvantMusicPort Sync catalogue. He is always on the lookout for unique and genuine music with a lot of character, which can work as a cornerstone to our client’s visual content.

Jeanette Rehnstrom

Creative Director

Jeanette’s background is in journalism, creative content, and publicity. Her interest in music is both wide and longstanding, and her journalistic career has its roots in the music industry. She has travelled extensively since she was young and has spent years abroad working with music and film law firms catering to the more established end of these arts. 

Clare McGonigle


Clare devotes her time to the research, growth and development of the company’s sonic partnerships. Prior to joining the AvantMusicPort team, Clare worked with Dublin-based record label Ensemble, and also completed a Professional Certificate in Music Supervision with Berklee College of Music, as well as a degree in Music from Trinity College Dublin. Apart from being passionate about magical combinations of sound and picture, she is an expert in the craft of banana and white chocolate bread making.