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About us



Jeanette Rehnstrom


I started Avant Music Port in 2015 along with a Sound Engineer friend of mine, and we begun trading in 2016. Since the start our focus was on creating a Boutique Music Service which aimed to be both global in its aim and delivery, as well as being firmly rooted in the Irish soil, via a pre-cleared catalogue of music from mainly Irish artists, and in working exclusively with Irish composers. With so much musical talent, and an increasing number of national and international productions coming through here, there seemed to be a great opportunity to ensure that creatives of all genres were introduced and made aware of each other for mutual benefits. It is a genuine pleasure to get to work with all these fantastic creatives in trying to make sure that the right fit is made between the music and the visuals in any and every way we can. 


My own background is in writing, and my interest in music is both wide and longstanding, having started off in music journalism. Since I left my native Sweden I’ve travelled extensively, until I found my home here in Ireland, and have spent many years working with music and film law firms catering to the most established end of these arts in the US. 


I do look forward to hearing from you to see how myself and my team will be able to do our absolute best to make sure that the music is topnotch.

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