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Artist Profile: Pine The Pilcrow

Artist Profile: Pine The Pilcrow

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Contemporary Folk, Acoustic, Traditional, Classical, Minimal



Alluring, Ambient, Dark, Sweet, Haunting, Heartfelt, Warm, Pensive, Gentle, Uplifting, Hopeful, Love, Pain, Moody

There is no shortage of ‘traditionally’ influenced music to be found on the Irish shores, and while having it in abundance is a positive thing, it also means that some of it can pass you by as it all conventionally blends together into one. For this reason, when something comes along with a distinctly Irish feel to it but also adapts the tradition in a subtly different way, you take notice. Enter: Pine The Pilcrow.

Kevin Murray, Hannah Ryan, and Robert Campbell (the piano, fiddle and cello three piece) introduced themselves with their debut EP in March of this year, and since then have received a wealth of praise including a 9/10 rating from Irish-based music blog While in terms of melody, and at times vocal style, the trio has a strong traditional feel, but overall their sound is contemporary folk. Both male and female vocals have warmth yet an intense vulnerability about them, so much so that they manage to give you comfort and break your heart all at once. The trio creates ambient, stunningly haunting, mournful music, and lyrically they write in such a personal, emotional way that there is pain and need behind each note and word, this is especially the case in song ‘Part Of You Died’. If in need of something gentle and wholesome, with a melancholic undercurrent and tension at the heart, then Pine The Pilcrow would be the perfect match.


Video for ‘It’s Only Love’


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