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Artist Profile: Hvmmingbyrd

Artist Profile: Hvmmingbyrd

New Music for Sync Licensing


Style: Alt Pop, Electronic, Indie

Moods: Harmonies, Festive, Questioning, Atmospheric, Freedom, Karma, Sweet

A recent tweet from the duo that make up Hvmmingbyrd; that is Deborah Byrne and Suzette Das, celebrated the sync they just landed in E4’s posh structured reality TV drama Made in Chelsea, and there is no doubt that their glittering pop sound certainly added that extra spark that the producers were on the lookout for. The same song “If Love Was Enough” has also lead to them to the clothing giant H&M’s worldwide playlist, so keep an ear out the next time you are browsing their aisles around the globe. The video for the song was directed and produced by Crooked Gentlemen.

Here it is:

Smitten? There’s plenty more.

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