Artist Profile: B-Movie Lightning - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: B-Movie Lightning

Artist Profile: B-Movie Lightning

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland



Electro Pop, Electronica, Indie Pop, Downbeat, Ambient Disco


Upbeat, Buoyant, Feel Good, Action, Youth, Light, Tense, Action, Bouncy, Street Smart, Apprehensive, Hopeless, Pulsating, Sunshine, Romance, Longing, Moving, Groovy, Dancing, Wondrous, Festive


In true 80s synth pop fashion B-Movie Lightning shines the shimmer on a throbbing world full of delight and discrepancies, making it move and writhe to a tugging electro beat. With a noticeable range of influences, as far apart as Depeche Mode to Pet Shop Boys, a very even oeuvre is revealed which speaks its own musical language. Mike Smalle’s peaceful voice takes you on an atmospheric journey down a river, safely buoyant and protected from the elements as you watch life drift by on the banks, as well as in under the partly reflective surface that holds you up. The album Rain on a River, from which the songs on the AMP player are taken, was produced by Smalle, a well respected and by now longstanding name on the Irish independent music scene, with the help of the British producer Ian Catt (Saint Etienne). The experience and knowledge of the producers is obvious from first listen and ensures the quality, drive and delivery of these charming compositions.


Sample some of this charm here on the Avant Music Port player:

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