Artist Profiles: Nina Hynes / Dancing Suns - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profiles: Nina Hynes / Dancing Suns

Artist Profiles: Nina Hynes / Dancing Suns

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Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Nina Hynes

Style: Alt Folk, Alternative, Indie Folk, Soundtrack, Country

Key words:  Acoustic, Dreamy, Haunting, Harmonies, Universe, Spinning, Warm, Sweet, Together, Fire, Soft, Drifting, Hope, Confrontational, Searching

Nina Hynes released her debut album “Staros” on Reverb Records in 2002 to excited reviews, and since that point, she’s reinvented herself a good few times whilst remaining true to both her art and her aim. She is steadfast in her creation and the development thereof,  and as such she is someone to lean on for a sure full commitment to new musical discoveries. Others of the same stalwartness seem to think so too, as she has played support to such greats as Roxy Music, Stereolab, Smog, The Frames and Damien Rice etc..Thus, her more recent output is equally (or more- your choice) exciting to her earlier stuff.   

We’re delighted to be able to offer some of this fascinating artist’s more recent independent oeuvre, but to remind you of where she started off here’s the video for “Somewhere out there”:


The Dancing Suns

Style: Soundtrack, Orchestral, Alt Folk, Soul, Contemporary

Key words:  Ambient, Choir, Classic, Western, Waltz, Shimmering, Dance, Smoky, Happy, Willy Wonka, Freedom, Adventure, Sweeping, Cinematic, Romantic, Gospel, Danger

Since Nina Hynes moved to Berlin in 2007 new doors opened up for her on her musical voyage. For example, she teamed up with the French musician and pianist (as well as her partner) Fabien Leseure and Sean Carpio under the bandname Dancing Suns. The music produced by this combination of talents is a truly European amalgamation, even in its recordings, which took place in Ireland, Germany and Belgium. With her sincere and gently searching voice Nina and the band at moments channels Karen Peris, Cocteau Twins as well as Nouvelle Vague. Neverthelss, this project is very much its own independent whole, both due to the grand scope of the project; a coherent cinematic full musical journey (towards the end of the world), as well as the details added by the great team of musicians.

AMP’s lead music supervisor Nialler9 commented the following on their album “Goldmine”:

There’s a soft-edged dynamic feel to the record, a feeling bolstered by the record’s instrumentation of ethereal sweeping orchestral sounds abetted by triumphant in the face of adversity melodies (it is the end of the world is it not?). When its at its gentlest, it has a taut atmosphere of sneaking about in the night, of foreboding or of blissful sleep.”

Goldmine conjurs still mournful vistas and the references that continually come to my mind are The Wizard Of Oz or the work of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, particularly The City Of Lost Children and Delicatessen. The music seems to fit those strange worlds.”

See for yourself. Watch Dancing Suns video here: