Artist Profile: Robb Murphy - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Robb Murphy

Artist Profile: Robb Murphy

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Pop, Folk Pop, Singer Songwriter

Key words:  Laidback, Cute, Relationship, Love, Groovy, Intimate, Upbeat, Static, Soaring, Confidence, Humanity, Belief, Dark, Questioning, Hope, Sweet,  Sway

Robb Murphy’s delicate vulnerability is something that has had a great effect on his fans, evidenced by a truly loyal and active fanbase most specifially in the Netherlands but also here in Ireland. We’re sure that his light Belfast accent, that comes through every now and again, must have something to do with the appeal, as well as of course the finely produced music, hearfelt lyrics and soft, kind vocals. This is a man with a heart as big as the moon.

His latest offering is a track callled Sleep Tonight(also the title track of his second album) which had as its backdrop the very personal experience of having to deal with his mother’s mental health issues and then her passing, is a good example of what we’re talking about. The recently released animated video of the track features The Ulster String Quartet and was put out with the support of The Samaritans. The aim of the release is to raise awareness for mental health issues and the importance of keeping communications channels open. The track was picked as the Hot Press track of the day not too long ago.

Overall the songs on offer from Robb are slightly varied, from the happy go lucky Headstrongto the lower mood of Never Letting You Go,  but the general feel is one of positivity set to strong instrumentations with a steady thoughtful melody.

Come have a look and listen.

Headstrong video:


Sleep Tonight video: