Artist Profile: Paul McCann - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Paul McCann

Artist Profile: Paul McCann

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Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Rock, Pop, Country, Americana, Singer Songwriter

Key words:  Solo, Driving, Retro, Guide, Adventure, Intense, Dramatic, Melancholic, Escape, Searching, Pensive, Whirling, Groovy, Rising, Sway, Desert, Control, Horizon, Theatre

Rock and Pop, often with a retro feel, is what this Singer Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist leans on as a creative base, and from there he takes it in any direction as he feels like. Paul’s background is equally diverse and he has honed his craft with bands working within the frames of power pop, country as well as straight on pop, such as Aine CahillThe Plan and Get Rhythm. He has also performed with Pugwash and The Strypes and many more seasoned artists. 

Paul seemingly is a dab hand at most anything, and played lead and rhythm guitar, electric and double bass, slide guitar, piano, mellotron, harmonica, kazoo and trumpet, along with singing his heart out on his debut album “Here comes to rapture”. You can hardly get more involved in your passion project than that. The engagement along with his proclaimed influence of Jack White in particular is telling in this video of his catchy track “Keep the Devil Within:”

(Keep a beady eye out for Aine Cahill here too, as she has a cameo)

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