Artist Profile: We, The Oceanographers - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: We, The Oceanographers

Artist Profile: We, The Oceanographers

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Electro Pop, Lo-Fi, Neo Folk, Indie Rock, Electronica, Alt Folk



Dreamy, Upbeat, Hopeful, Driven, Fun, Laidback, Tranquil, Gentle, Atmospheric, Delicate, Youthful, Joyful, Animated, Reflective


Slow thoughtful movements are the order of the day for We, The Oceanographers, much like the sea on a sultry summer day, yet with a slight moodiness haunting the tracks, evident in the threadlike trembles of the calm surface; caused by the necessary cracks in the firmament that let the darkness in. The band even has a space aged Christmas song on offer “Christmas at the international space station” bringing our local human rituals or follies (depending on how you look at it) to the outer reaches of our imagination, in line with their hovering emotional but content and confident output.


A three-man band from the humble town of Dundalk We, The Oceanographers have already managed to cause a splash both nationally and internationally. Last year saw the release of their first album, after which they toured Europe. Now, this year, they promise us a new album, which we await eagerly.


This is their video for ”This is Why” which name drops both Christian Slater and Stevie Nicks:


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