Artist Profile: newvices - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: newvices

Artist Profile: newvices

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

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Style: Indie Pop, Pop, Rock, Funk

Key words:  Upbeat, Fire, Hurt, Relationships, Chase, Regret, Reflective, Shimmering, Fun Games, Frustration, Groovy, Waves, Disappointment, Ambient, Dreamy, Playful, Happy


Milwaukee’s newvices create music that mix funk and beach, and any other genre that fits the need for the track at hand, with the intention of spreading love, moves and peace to the world. Marco Jaimez provides the vocals for the band, Rod Wortham the guitar, Josh Ehlke the drums and Matt Sherman the bass, all in all making for a fun and danceable time. There’s a definite influence of the 1975, which brings along with it more joy and whimsy, but at the same time these lads are not lacking in depth as they make sure that the structures are solid and the lyrics keep an eye on issues close to heart and mind. One of the videos we’ve chosen to share with you here “Betterman”, for example, deals with being continuously let down by someone important in one’s life, and they want to emphasise that this it is not something solely found in romantic relations, but can also carry over in most relationships that we rate. Thus, showing a maturity in thinking which allows for a more rounded whole.

Wavelength: the 1975,Pale Waves, Bad Suns, From Indian Lakes,Colouring

“Betterman” video:

“Gloom” video


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