Artist Profile: New Portals - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: New Portals

Artist Profile: New Portals

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Electro Pop, Indie, Electronica, RnB



Uplifting, Atmospheric, Haunting, Brooding, Ambient, Motivational, Lighthearted, Dreamy, Sweet, Groovy, Emotional


When a successful Indie Folk/Pop act is blended with new Electronic Pop ideas, and a dash of RnB, Electro Pop duo New Portals are born! The

Indie Folk/Pop group in question is of course The Jepettos, whose romantic yet quirky Indie Folk/Pop sound have millions of Spotify listens, and we are happy to say also are featured in the AMP catalogue. Belfast based, Michael (vocals, synth, keyboards) and Ruth (vocals, percussion) Aiken make up the New Portals. For musicians to be brave, creative, and adventurous enough to create two separate projects to explore different musical goals is extremely admirable.


With a similar atmosphere and vocal style to groups such as Oh Wonder, and Chvrches, New Portals move between a light, summery feel (‘Do It Right’), to a more seductive, gritty one (‘Standing Over Here’), and with the angelic sweet vocals of Ruth can come across as delicate and vulnerable too (‘Inch’). Writing about everything from love, youth, heartbreak and cityscapes, their sound is ambient, pretty, and at times full of attitude, giving it a sense of the wonderful as well as the difficult things about being young.


Video for “Standing Over Here”:


You can find them in the AMP catalogue here: Listen on the Avant Music Port player


Clare McGonigle