Artist Profile: The Mariannes - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: The Mariannes

Artist Profile: The Mariannes

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Alt Folk, Blues, Country, Irish Traditional, Roots


Dark, Earthy, Haunting, Powerful, Heartfelt, Warm, Soft, Heartbreak


Combining elements of alt folk, blues, country, Irish trad, and rock, The Mariannes produce fresh and beautifully crafted material that makes for a compelling listen. This six piece from Dublin first achieved notoriety in 2014 when their song ‘Lost with All Hands’ was selected by a panel of judges as the winning song of the inaugural song writing competition at the Clancy Brothers Music and Arts Festival, and from there The Mariannes went on to release their debut EP in April 2015.


Disquieting lyrics, beautiful melodies, strong instrumentation, together with the stunningly haunting lead vocals of Lisa Loughrey, are what makes this band exceptionally competent at depicting the tragic tales of their songs. The instrumentation and acoustic nature also allows them to reach a rawness and intimacy that aches but is warm and soulful at the same time. The Mariannes come at you from two different angles simultaneously, as the music finds root in the listener’s ear, their dark songs of hidden pain strike a chord in the listener’s heart.


The Mariannes – ‘God Fearing Woman’

And here they are on the player: Listen on the Avant Music Port player


By Clare McGonigle