Artist Profile: Fields - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Fields

Artist Profile: Fields

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue

Style: Alternative, Indie Folk, Rock, Ambient

Key words: Warm, Relaxed, Contemplative, Journey, Ambient, Change, Sweet, Hopeful, Carefree, Husky, Nature, Nocturnal, Energetic, Pulsating, Driven, Reflective, Edgy, Atmospheric, Swaggering, Anthemic

Having started off as a solo project with a folky vision, headed by Sean O’BrienĀ (lead vocals, guitar) in 2015, this band eventually evolved into its current six piece format with Emmet Casey (vocals, piano, organ), Killian Leahy (vocals, lead guitar), Kevin Farrell (vocals, guitar, synth, percussion), Des Brodie (Drums, percussion, live production) and Luke Butt (Bass), that delivered a more Indie Rock feel. And just like the band slowly grew into itself, you can easily foresee that these lads, in their meticulous and gentle paced work, are making just the perfect furrows for bigger and bigger things to develop. They started with an EP that gathered over 3 million streams, and now have released their first full length album to a great reception.

Sound wise Fields are there to woe you with tracks full of heart, sincerity and skill. They’re focussed and great at building up tracks where the lyrics and the instruments work in a delightful dance, and delivers music with an anthemic soul. It’s like this: Once you get one listen in you won’t be able to stop.

This is for if you feel like you need a bit of: War on Drugs, Frightened Rabbit, Elbow, The National.

Here’s the video for Lincoln, so aptly filmed for our times, and so fitting to the track itself by pure chance, as Ireland went into lockdown.

And an older track and video:

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