Artist Profile: Eoin Dolan - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Eoin Dolan

Artist Profile: Eoin Dolan

New Music for Sync Licensing

Artist Profile: Eoin Dolan

Style: Pop, Indie Folk, Surf, Psychedelic

Moods: Ocean, Quirky, Romantic, Searching, Hypnotic, Groovy, Melancholy, Hope, Drifting, Sunshine, Laid Back, Holiday, Escape, 60s, Carefree

I sort of picture myself sauntering through a deserted seaside resort as Eoin Dolan’s music fades in and out depending on where I’m at, or what I’m looking at. As I hop on my surfboard and leave the worn colors of the town, even the swooping birds are humming along to the tunes, and random fish stick their heads above the watery parapet piping up in fishy voices. No I’m not on drugs, just carried along by Eoin’s Surf Pop.

Not just a tinge of Beach Boys, John Lennon, Syd Barrett and Beatles influence here, yet not a pastiche, but a sincere acknowledgment offered through full ownership, craft, care and passion for a large part of the melancholy side of this musical coin, but also a healthy dose of the fun, quirky side.

To get an idea of my addled vision check out this “One Girl” video:

More Eoin Dolan in the AMP catalogue.