Artist Profile: Dott - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Dott

Artist Profile: Dott

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

New to Sync Licensing from Ireland


Style: Pop Rock, Garage, Punk, Surf Pop

Key words:  Racing, Driving, Chase, Questioning, Searching, Epic, Grunge, 80s, Flirty, Relationships, Clapping, Upbeat, Feelgood, Joyous, Sway, Smile, Infatuation, Emotional, Young Love

New kids on the block Pillow Queens have had a great early burst of interest as they came on the scene not too long ago, and if they’re your cup of tea then you will for certain appreciate the sound and sentiments of AMP’s Dott. This band has been around since 2013, with two full albums under their belt, and they are always ready to rock you. The lineup has changed a bit over the years, but the constants have been Anna McCarthy (songwriter/vocals/guitar) and Laura Finnegan (bass/vocals), and these two have now been joined by Tebs on guitar and Donal on drums.

Politically these heads are screwed on and ready to take on a challenge. This video that the band put together during the very intense political debates around the recent abortion referendum here in Ireland will show you just how:

Like a Girl video

Yet, while not being shy of taking on big issues like sex, consent and feminism, Dott have a solid grip on fun. With a moody but respectful grittiness, they never stray far from the very youthful and upbeat. Love and the ocean also oozes out of their music.

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