Artist Profile: Alarmist - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Alarmist

Artist Profile: Alarmist

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Experimental, Instrumental, Alternative, Electronic, Post Rock, Math Rock


Explosive, Lively, Dark, Ambient, Energetic, Wild, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Groovy, Melancholic, Bright, Dreamy, Stormy, Building, Playful, Driven, Triumphant

Crafting a multicoloured, multilayered, multi-genre infused landscape of sound is something experimental instrumental act Alarmist has been doing since releasing their debut EP in 2013. With an instrumental lineup including korgs, casios, electronics, winds, percussion, prepared piano, double drums and guitars, their sound-world is imaginative and far from standard. The quartet from Dublin are all multi-instrumentalists and come from backgrounds in rock, jazz, electronica and contemporary classical composition. With these influences in tow they burst the boundaries of traditionally established genres in what is now their signature sound. Keeping a tight rhythmic section at the core, Alarmist form an intrinsic landscape with experimentally playful melodies and carefully arranged textures, all the while with a moving, intense energy.

Similar to Dublin based instrumental act Overhead, The Albatross (a fellow AMP catalogue artist) they are known for their experimentation and visually impressive live shows. With all Alarmist tracks to-date in our catalogue, if there is a need for an experimental, intensely moving sound: AMP has just the right fit.

Video for ‘Petrichor’:


Clare McGonigle