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Artist Profile: Ailbhe Reddy

Artist Profile: Ailbhe Reddy

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland




Indie Folk, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Rock


Heartfelt, Warm, Heartbreak, Contemplative, Emotional, Love, Sweet, Romantic, Light, Soulful, Moody


The warmth and comfort of rusty oranges and chocolate browns mixed with a dark, cold, yet subtle bitterness is what comes to mind when listening to the most recent EP of Indie Folk songstress Ailbhe Reddy’s Hollowed out Sea. The particular mix of instruments (violin, cello, guitar, bass, drums, glockenspiel, piano) adds a hint of that orchestrally-swept feeling, and the wholeness of its arrangements gives it an autumnal air, yet the way Reddy leads and delivers her lyrics can strikes a cold, hard punch when she wants it to.

The crafting of lyrics is something Reddy takes time and care with. Reassessing feelings and situations and then expressing them in a powerfully raw way takes patience, whether this be of her granny ‘growing lavender in her garden’, or coming to terms with a love that never was. The result is an unflinching honesty that strikes a chord with the listeners, causing them to stop and recognise themselves.

Reddy has gone on to feature on every major Irish festival line up, such as, Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Other Voices, Hard Working Class Heroes, Knockanstockan and Spirit of Folk. For her next step she promises to go for a heavier sound instrumentally, but with a rating of 10/10 from for this last EP, we expect it to be just wonderful.

Here’s the video for her track ‘Distrust’ :


And in the catalogue: Listen on the Avant Music Port player

Clare McGonigle