Artist Profile: Abel Raise The Cain - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Abel Raise The Cain

Artist Profile: Abel Raise The Cain

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Post Rock, Indie, Experimental Rock
Building, Upbeat, Soaring, Driven, Moody, Atmospheric, Dark, Epic

For those euphoric filmic moments; reaching the top of the mountain, overcoming a great obstacle, or simply ‘getting the girl’, the walls of sound built by British indie rock band Abel Raise The Cain would be a pretty fine choice. In action since 2012, the seven piece came together over a love of similar bands, such as, Arcade Fire, Coldplay and Sigur Ros, and in turn take inspiration from these groups in their own music.

The tracks of recent album Black Swans act as individual atmospheric, epic soundscapes that tell the stories of struggle, loss, doubt, and heartbreak in an anthemic style. With a lead male vocal that can haunt and whisper as well as soar, on top of a group of musicians that so carefully and purposely build and drive the music forward to powerful climaxes, it is no surprise that they have supported high profile bands such as Primal Scream and Kodaline, and their songs have received airplay in places as far off as Brazil.

Depicting a broken heart, and producing a sweeping wall of sound, Abel Raise The Cain has an energy that speaks to everyone.

Video for ‘Too Late’

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Clare McGonigle