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Artist Profile: 202s

Artist Profile: 202s

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Indie-Pop, Electronica, Alternative, Folk, Krautrock



Uplifting, Heartwarming, Feel-Good, Meditative, Abstract, Groovy, Chill, Dreamy, Mysterious, Delicate, Adventurous, Driving


If the 202s had their own way they’d be off in their “own universe” creating whatever type of music they wished, with no distractions to “fuck that up”. The alternative trio first came on the scene in 2009 as a duo with a self-titled debut album which received critical acclaim throughout Europe, and now happily are promising their next release this Autumn. France’s Magic RPM referred to the album as “a mixture of psychedelic sounds, a taste of pop & a funk base”, and Germany’s Musikexpress described their music as “hymnal Kraut-pop from Dublin”.


They bring together an eclectic mix of electronic, pop, and ambient sounds, with an instrumental line-up that includes melodicas, glockenspiels and harmonicas, mixed with vintage synth sounds. The combination of the organic sound of the harmonica with the spacey otherworldly sound of the synth is a distinct feature of the 202s soundscape, and they use it in an abundance of ways. The selection of 202s songs in the AMP catalogue demonstrate the experimental creative nature of the band: the dreamy cinematic feel of ‘Ease my mind’, the rhythmic, groovy cool-guy vibe in ‘Oh My My’, the funky Motown character of ‘Pressure’, and the heavily Beach Boys-influenced ‘Who cares about sunshine’. From this type of variety it could be said there’s a certain chameleon-like characteristic about them, but what’s consistent in each song no matter the feel/vibe is their own distinct texture and sound. They’re a trio who at the root of it all are simply passionate about music and creating new sounds, let’s hope they don’t drift off into their own universe as they’d wish, but that they stay in ours and give us more.


Video for ‘Ease My Mind’


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Clare McGonigle