Artist Profile: Augustus and John - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Augustus and John

Artist Profile: Augustus and John

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland 


Disco, Electronica, Electro Pop, Downbeat, Ambient, 2 Step, Tech House


Adventurous, Bouncy, Menacing, Walking, Hypnotic, Summer, Chase, Club, Youth, Dreamy, Fun, Festive, Ethereal, Laid Back, Atmospheric, Driving, Cool, Robotic, Smooth, Alluring, Free, Calm


Newly formed and with their aim firmly set on film soundtracks and ambient soundscapes Augustus and John as certain to bring the goods you need. They’re carrying the hooks and the ambiance required to move you across a dance floor as wide as the world, the sun a glitter ball that sends bodies into rhythm. Augustus and John want you to think Slow-Motion Disco, Italo, Rocksteady, House as well as Soundtrack, and bring you there, whether or not you are ready. Every electronic, pulsating, shimmering colour force field of a wraith brought to life here is sure to have all the right moves, and we dare you to refrain from letting the groove get you.

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