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AMP Review: Nubus

AMP Review: Nubus

The word Nubus sounds like it should belong to an Egyptian pharaoh or something similar, but apparently the only clear explanation of the word that I could find was that it belongs to a computer component. Thus, we’ll have to give Paddy Mulcahy, the man behind the name, his full due: Paddy is Nubus through and through, and all the Nubus that Nubus creates will for sure tickle the fancy of someone looking to synch.

The current selection of Nubus tracks on the AMP player fit into a range of different genre homes, but in general you will be greeted by Ambient Electronica which both lifts and let’s you fall as the tracks fill and empty their vessels in equal measures. You find yourself wandering in dusty sun-shafts of an empty house, then pour out into the wash of the sea, or into a joyful stampede of muscular horses. There are lonely drums, clusters of strings, and missing xylophones, that take you into vaults of churches and beneath the waters, that is, worlds and worlds for you to discover. One song for dance and Waltz Sketch are perhaps my personal favourites, and can easily be imagined as opening or closing credits, amongst other things.

AMP is very much looking forward to the impending CD of Nubus, so if you like this, keep an eye on our blog and newsletters for more of the same.


Styles: Chill Out, Dance, Techno, Classical, Ambient, Acoustic, Score, Contemporary

Moods: Chill, Downtempo, Inspiring, Uplifting, Nostalgic, Soft