AMP Review: HAÜER - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland

You may find yourself soaring inside a hot pulsating electric landscape, it could be you are stuck inside an 80’s computer game, dodging blips and laser whips at each swish of your insect like streamlined neon wings whilst your fly-eyes catch colours turning them into sustenance that can be seen coursing through your see-through limbs. Do make sure you are wearing your shades, as you won’t be able to go here without them.

Haüer has been described by Goldplec as “the perfect soundtrack to a sci-fi daydream,” and is sure to light your fires if you are into a (mainly) fast moving, cinematic retro synth sound. All tracks are instrumental and full of verve and hypnotic spectacle. For example, the track “Helicop” brings the drama of slicing and dancing through textured fluids, complete with a distant, muted space orchestra that speedily thumps right up into your pulse. Be warned, you might actually turn machine.

Styles: Electronica, Ambient, Retro, Synthwave

Moods: Cinematic, Futuristic, Atmospheric, Chase, Bursting, Dramatic, Glittering, Action, Unusual, Groovy, Hypnotic, Ethereal, Dark, Anxious, Droning, Abstract, Animated, Dance, Youth, Robotic, Driving, Static, Rousing, Bouncy, Feel Good, Trance