AMP Review: Breifne Holohan - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Breifne Holohan

AMP Review: Breifne Holohan

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland

Breifne Holohan lives his musical life in Brian Eno and Steve Reich territory (although without the frenzy Reich often can bring on). This is minimal taking over the immensity of sound space, creating worlds within worlds, and making waves from the slightest breath across the sonic seas. What appears are otherworldly landscapes strewn with smoke architecture and flitting equally see-through creatures that stop and start just beyond our vision. It runs rings around you until you, hypnotized and convinced, whirl along body and blood. It is sea, it is space, it is peace and complexity in harmony, and this is definitely film material.

Stop on by to have a listen here:

Styles: Electronica, Modern Classical, Ambient, Experimental

Moods: Minimal, Reflective, Meditative, Drone, Score, Swirling, Uplifting, Hectic, Jazzy, Orchestral, Eerie, Ethereal, Wondrous, Unusual, Nostalgic, Alone, Mysterious, Hypnotic