AMP at Kilkenny Animated 2023 - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP at Kilkenny Animated 2023

AMP at Kilkenny Animated 2023

Avant Music Port Full Music Service for Animation

Category: Full Music Supervision and Music Publishing

The five time Oscar Nominated gang at Cartoon Saloon, as well as Canada’s Lighthouse Studios, are in charge of this lovely event in Kilkenny, and this year they are focusing on The Sound of Animation. Jeanette from Avant Music Port will take part in one of the panels talking about, amongst other things, the music for the wonder that is the Animated TV Series FLIX so if you’re around please come and say hello, or contact us and we can arrange to meet up for a chat. 

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Finally, a short recap from previous Kilkenny Animated:

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