Artist Profile: Young Wonder - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Young Wonder

Artist Profile: Young Wonder

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Style: Electro Pop, Electronica, Alt Pop, R&B, Synth Pop, Trip Hop, World

Moods: Upbeat, Alluring, Funky, Fiery, Ambient, Cosmic, Hypnotic, Dark, Groovy, Passionate, Dreamy, Explosive, Shimmering, Soothing, Fun, Cinematic

With millions of plays and views on Spotify and YouTube, electro pop duo Young Wonder have a strong grasp on how to make the modern music industry work to their advantage. Cork-based from the offset, Rachel Koeman and Ian Ring firmly believe that thanks to the magical powers of the internet, they don’t have to relocate to a distant metropolitan city to showcase their music to the masses. In the careful and attentive hands of Irish record label/management company Feel Good Lost (the mind behind Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’ video) Young Wonder appeared on the music scene in 2012.

Unlike the standard electronic pop being churned out today with long build ups and inevitable EDM drops, producer Ian Ring; who started out by producing beats for hip hop groups in Cork, creates sparkling otherworldly soundscapes and steers clear of “bad pop” that “sells out” (as quoted from an interview with magazine Totally Dublin). While Ian produces the beats, Rachel takes command of lyrics and vocals in her “Bjork-esque” style, and also unlike “bad pop” that “sells out” writes lyrics that are quite dark and at times, like in the track ‘Sweet Dreaming”, are contradictory to the uplifting beats around them. A good example of the musical and lyrical imagination of Young Wonder is the track ‘To You’ which through ethnic sounds and instruments tells the story of surrendering to a feeling in a dream. With musical institutions such as Pitchfork stating “there’s a beating heart in those electronics”, we at AMP couldn’t agree more and are super proud to have all of their released music in our catalogue.

Have a look at this video for ‘To You’ which has had over 300,000 views by now:

Clare McGonigle