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The Hunger – Documentary TV Series


This great and harrowing full length TV series The Hunger: The Story of the Irish Famine documentary is directed by Ruan Magan, and narrated by Liam Neeson, and has an equally fabulous score from AMP’s lead composer Natasa Paulberg, which is not to be missed.

The series marks the 175th anniversary of the catastrophe, exploring the famine’s international origins, development and legacy.

It premiered on Irish television on the 30th of November, 2020, and will then move on to ARTÉ and the rest of the world.


In this short video Natasa explains a little about the creative process that led to the score:


RTE ONE trailer here.


See Natasa at work with the RTE Concert Orchestra here.


A short teaser trailer with Liam Neeson’s narration from Twitter


Read about the huge response to the first instalment.


Hear Natasa being interviewed about the project on the RTE Arts Program Arena.


Listen to the music here:


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