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Style: Art Pop, Indie, Chamber Pop, Neo Soul

Key words: Sweeping, Full, Big, Grand, Space, Floating, Intense, Anticipating, Liberating, Moody, Dark, Uplifting, Motivating, Driving, Lonely, Cinematic, Fun, Dance, Complex


The concept of a musician’s musician, or artist’s artist, comes to mind when trying to think of ways to describe what these guys are up to musically. Bending rules and genres, this LA band makes full use of their shapeshifting capabilities, and what ensues is very exciting to say the very least, and how long they will be allowed to hold on to the title of artist’s artist is a serious question as it is clear that they could very well breakthrough to the other side of more general appreciation rather easily, thanks to addictive rhythms and cracking tracks.

Led by the cellist and vocalist Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess, this band of musical transformers, are such accomplished musicians, and it is obvious that they find utter joy in playing together, experimenting and creating. We’re certain that they will bring the same love into your heart.

A must hear.

Each track feels like glass being molded by the stringed ambers of humanity’s fiery spirit. Sometimes, I really do love my species. We are so vast in our capacity, which is why it is so tragic that we place caps on ourselves. Thus, Emael makes music asking you to go th(r)ough life’s fire and crystallize your heart.” (Diandra Reviews)


Vibes (oh so very many vibes): Alt-J, Hiatus KaiyoteJose JamesTalking HeadsRadioheadJames BlakeFyfeSon LuxToolWoodkidSlenderbodiesPheonixMilky ChanceAphex TwinYeasayerHotchipSon LuxSevdalizaPerfume GeniusBlonde Redhead



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