Artist Profile: This Is How We Fly - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: This Is How We Fly

Artist Profile: This Is How We Fly

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Style: Contemporary Folk, Experimental, Contemporary Jazz, Contemporary Irish, Traditional Irish, Folk, Traditional Swedish

Moods: Percussive, Mysterious, Mystical, Ambient, Building, Earthy, Dark, Smoky, Swinging, Sweet, Light, Happy, Groovy, Funky, Smooth, Laid back, Rhythmic, Avant Garde

“I can feel in the music…that we are levitating, all of us. It feels like we are flying” (percussionist Petter Berndalen, The Irish Times).

This Is How We Fly connects musical and physical movement like no artist we have come across before. Usually when bands work to keep together they rely on a metronome or clock time, however, when four artists who have individually redefined the roots of their own musical worlds come together, there is a magic present where the ‘feeling’ alone keeps them together. The four brilliant minds of This Is How We Fly come from distinctly different musical backgrounds: Irish Trad (Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh – fiddle and hardanger fiddle), Jazz (Seán Mac Erlaine – clarinets and live electronics), Swedish Trad (Petter Berndalen – drums and percussion) and Appalachian clog dancing (Nic Gareiss – percussive dance).

What’s curious to note is that the band initially never set out to be a band. Brought together to create a one-off piece for Dublin Fringe Festival 2010, Ó Raghallaigh had been given the task of creating something that “no one had ever heard before”, and so this complete creative licence gave birth to This Is How We Fly. Once the group had formed they knew they were on to something so much more than a one night affair, thus this lead to many a captivating live performance, and an eventual release of their debut album in 2013.

The album is a collection of pieces that are elegant, heartfelt and have an infectious energy. Two of our favourites from the collection of their tracks in our catalogue are ‘What What What’ and ‘March For A Dark Day’. Similar in textural structure to other pieces on the album, ‘What What What’ holds a beautiful single melody line on the violin, as the percussion playfully and carefully complement while gradually building the track’s energy and tempo to an uplifting, swinging climax. A gradual build is also present in ‘March For A Dark Day’ where a moving, cinematic character is created. When music is warm, inviting and a delight to the ear it is truly a treat to experience, and This Is How We Fly delivers exactly that.

Video for ‘What What What’