Artist Profile: Tell No Foxx - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Tell No Foxx

Artist Profile: Tell No Foxx

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland



Gloom Pop, Alternative, Synth Rock


Filmic, Moody, Building, Epic, Dark, Ambient, Anguished, Melancholic, Broody, Dramatic, Bouncy, Emotional, Swagger, Cool, Tension


These are vistas of width and drama. Tell No Foxx knows how to take no prisoners and let the clouds move their own beings in the cage of the universe, the band secure and steady in the conductor’s space. Dust is perhaps the current prime example of what these guys are all about, but each of their offerings on the AMP player are sure to make serious impressions on you. Full of emotional atmosphere the songs and lead vocals take on the last light that reflects off the buildings and bodies in the gloaming, but they are also there when the day is about to burn through. They live in worlds in-between, but then that is usually where most of creation happens. Where do these lads go from here? Up, up, up!


Partake in their rise here on the AMP player:

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