Sync of the week: Peaky Blinders - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Sync of the week: Peaky Blinders

Sync of the week: Peaky Blinders

Music Supervisor: Amelia Hartley

This excellent show, with Ireland’s own Cillian Murphy in the lead, is now in its third season, and we’re all chuffed about it. Cillian Murphy’s charisma is undeniable and the rest of the cast of actors is also quite stunning. The tinted colours, great costumes and set makes the whole thing come vibrantly alive, even if (or because of) set in a murky, smoky, dust-covered past. Nevertheless, it was (and is) the music that sets this show apart. To open with a magnificent, glossy horse, lorded over by the elegant lead actor, and watch them royally slide through the surrounding depravation and grime, much like a peacock in the desert, and then loudly add Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds is a bold move indeed. To then throw more of the same at us as the story develops is just plain wonderful. Using modern music for a period drama has, as most things been done before, but not quite like this. For a flitting instance it jars (it should) but then transforms; it’s hand in glove.

The first season saw a focus on Nick Cave and Jack White. The second veered into a PJ Harvey and Arctic Monkey focussed territory. This time around, so far, we’re getting a mix of the first two. It is perhaps that purposeful, thought out, layering that makes this show so interesting; the music grows organically with the story somehow.

The supervisor, Amelia Hartley, does not have an endless list of credits to her name but what she has is all well produced television. Nevertheless, with this, not surprisingly, she’s picked up some prizes, and we believe she is only bound for more excitement.


Here’ s the trailer for Season 3: