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Sync of the week: The Affair & The Bridge

Sync of the week: The Affair & The Bridge

Showtime’s The Affair is now on its second season and the opening track to the series Container by Fiona Apple still manages to hit the very right note via its mad, billowing complaint. I don’t know about you but often one is in such a hurry to see the program itself that one skips the intro. Nevertheless, in many ways this placement is quintessential, as, in a manner or speaking, the series is pinned upon it. Thus, the songs that you keep coming back to, even in your impatience to see what happens next, are to be celebrated. Container is definitely one of them.

Music Supervisors: Liza Richardson and Stephanie Diaz-Matos


Another one is Hollow Talks by Choir of Young Believers, which opens the Scando detective drama The Bridge (which just started its third season on BBC4 a couple of weeks ago). The menace and mourning which follows people’s bad intents and actions is perfectly presented in the music here.

Music Editor: Dave Jewerén Moore