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Avant Music Port News

Avant Music Port News


We’re delighted to officially announce that we (with Avant Music Port’s Niall Byrne aka Nialler9 in the lead) are now starting the music supervision for Season Two of the very successful RTE TV series Striking Out.

With last year’s successful placement of 26 Avant Music Port tracks we’re very much looking forward to another parade of great AMP tracks to accompany the acting of Amy Huberman (who received an IFTA for the role, and was announced as a possible outsider to win an Emmy for the same by the Hollywood Reporter, Neil Morrisey, Rory Kennan, Fiona O’Shaughnessy, who this season will be joined by fellow musician and actress Maria Doyle Kennedy. The directing will again be done by the sought after Swedish/English director Lisa James Larsson, as well as Simon Massey.

As in the first season Bell X1’s song Out of Love will be title track, but the rest are still to be decided. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to give a similar boost to a good few artists’ careers this year as Lyra had last year with her track “Emerald”; when she ended up at the top of the Shazam charts, so watch this space.