Artist Profile: Sive - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Sive

Artist Profile: Sive

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland



Folk, Indie-Folk, Baroque Pop, Alternative, Folk Rock, Pop,

Jazz Lite, Ambient, Dance, Alternative


Eerie, Hypnotic, Atmospheric, Confrontational, Gutsy, Emotive, Contemplative, Dreamy, Earthy, Bouncy, Melancholic, Tender, Gentle, Honest, Jangly, Lively, Buoyant, Dynamic, Ethereal, Playful

You may ask yourself: “when might AMP run out of great new talents to profile for us?” The answer to that is: “how could we possibly, with an island like ours brimful of exciting music.” And today we proudly present Sive to you.

With a gift of a voice Sive lets her vocal chords run through your soul like soft affectionate fingers. She and her band are flexible and versatile, approaching each song with love and care, balancing the pure lead vocals with both with pop and grit. At points Feist comes to mind, perhaps mainly because of the elegant delivery and certain inflections, but also because of the playfulness and sheer joy of creating which this music wholly exudes. If you can get yourself out to a gig of Sive’s, it will renew your faith in the craft and mystery that it takes to make real music.

In the meantime you can sample some of Sive’s offerings here: 

Listen on the Avant Music Port player

For further tracks come by the Avant Music Port player where there’s plenty more of Sive to go around.