Artist Profile: Rachael Boyd - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Rachael Boyd

Artist Profile: Rachael Boyd

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland


Post-Classical, Experimental, Electronica

Minimal, Intelligent, Chaotic, Restless, Melancholic, Reflective, Hopeless, Pleading, Soaring, Meaningful, Building, Curious, Contemplative, Mournful, Suggestive, Heroic, Majestic, Filmic


If you are on the outlook for panoramic qualities for your next project Rachael Boyd is certain to bring it to you, yet she can also take you from macro to micro in a bat of an eyelid. She moves with poise between minimal and majestic, from soaring, back to city life and its intensities, mixing elegance with experimental in measured doses. Separately, or as a whole album, Rachael offers mainly peace and meditation, but she also regularly throws in a soft or ragged sound pebble to rock and break the surface, and you can follow its wavy way through the ether with pensive calm and refined surprise. If you let yourself go you may find yourself a migratory being, resting on the wing of a warm swell as the world colorfully swirls in and out of focus below.

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