Artist Profile: Peter Doran - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Peter Doran

Artist Profile: Peter Doran

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland




Singer Songwriter, Folk


Moving, Melancholy, Marching, Heroic, Accepting, Bittersweet, Subtle, Regretful, Sedate, Thoughtful, Inquisitive, Anticipating, Honest, Mature, Soaring, Wondrous, Real, Intense, Sincere


The gentleness that drifts in abundance from the talented Singer Songwriter Peter Doran’s lips also carries with it the caring strength that only comes with mental maturity. He delivers (often) acoustic stories of woe and heartbreak yet still manages to sooth. A mellow enchantment lingers long as we recognize the nostalgia that stalks and haunts us all. These are elegant songs soaked in reverence and warmth. Artists that provide similar musical realms would be David Gray, Damien Rice and Nick Drake, so if you are a fan of these guys then you will without a shadow of a doubt fall head over heals with Peter Doran.


If this sounds like your cup of tea then come fall in love here on the Avant Music Port player:

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