Composer Introduction: Natasa Paulberg - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Composer Introduction: Natasa Paulberg

Composer Introduction: Natasa Paulberg

In line with our new and improved website (that is coming soon) we will have show reels added to each composer profile. However, in the meantime we thought we’d give you a brief introduction to our highly talented and efficient composer Natasa.

Natasa covers our Classical, Minimalist, Drama and Post Classical end of bespoke compositions.

Dividing her time between Dublin and LA she is perfectly poised in both creativity and work, and has had the opportunity to work on projects with such major Hollywood composers as Garry Schyman (Bioshock, Dante’s Inferno) and Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, Drag me to Hell). We are sure that it is solely a matter of time before she herself will become a similarly sought after name.

Here’s a short taster playlist to whet your appetites: Listen on the Avant Music Port player

If you think your project might be in need of Natasa’s talent just get in touch:


Bioshock trailer:

Dante’s Inferno trailer:

Spiderman 3 trailer: