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Artist Profile: Mary and The Pigeons

Artist Profile: Mary and The Pigeons

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Chamber Folk, Minimalist, Acoustic, Classical


Alluring, Dark, Dreamy, Bright, Ambient, Rich, Wholesome, Warm, Haunting, Floating, Melancholic, Romantic, French, Quirky

‘All of her music sounds like someone walking around a haunted house. With big boots on’ – Declan Cusack

Having spent a number of years collaborating with Irish Acts such as Julie Feeney and Seti The First, Mary Barnecutt now finally steps into the spotlight with her own original work, accompanied by Max Greenwood on piano/keyboards, and a string trio of violin, viola and cello. Her debut album ‘Into Air’ was released in April 2016 and brings together a beautiful collection of ‘chamber folk’ songs. Inspired by Barnecutt’s interests in poetry, modern folk music, and acoustic, minimalist string sound, the album includes vocal tracks that tell imaginative stories, and instrumentals with a wholesome ethnic feel to them.

The warm tones of the cello combined with the charm of her vocal performance add a wistful, romantic air to each track, yet there is also a dark undercurrent present similar to the Tim Burton/Danny Elfman style of sound in films such as Edward Scissorhands. Thus, Mary and the Pigeons deliver warmth and romance with an edge of eerie and haunting, which just perhaps might suit your current project seamlessly. Come have a look and a listen.

Video for ‘Half Way There’

Mary and the Pigeons on the AMP player: Listen on the Avant Music Port player

Clare McGonigle