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Launch of Kʒːlu The Album

Launch of Kʒːlu The Album

Avant Music Port New Release

Excitement has been building here at AMP, and elsewhere in the ether, for the release of this feast of an album by our very own artist and composer Patrick Hatchett, and today is THE DAY. Releasing it under the name of Kʒːlu or K3lu (amounting to Curlew no matter the symbol palette in use in your neighbourhood or on your particular web based platform) is a doff of the cap to the magic that is the feathered beast of the same name. Spanning a multitude of genres and in general just “simply” accessing that life force element of each with wild abandon, this is a piece of work that is sure to both entrance and enhance your day and night for some substantial amount of time to come.

Harking back to the good old days of the best and free’est of jazz and afrobeat whilst still remaining fully in charge and channeling dance, soul and chill/easy listening, Patrick is able to ensure smoother angles and faster steps in all directions, and there is a lot of stepping to be done if you just allow it to take you into its flow.

The fantastic artwork that accompany the album, as seen here, has been created by the equally talented artist and partner of Patrick’s, Becky Hatchett.

If you’d like a piece of the action you can find the album and merch for sale here.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour, and let yourself succumb to the Kʒːlu charms:

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