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DISCOVER: Eve’s Record Box, and JaYne

DISCOVER: Eve’s Record Box, and JaYne

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Eve’s Record Box

Style: Jazz, Neo Soul, Urban Jazz

Key words: Reflective, Pensive, Belonging, Dreams, Discovery, Cool, Soulful, Emotive, Storytelling

Today you’re getting two discoveries in one as the singer Jane Fraser heads up both bands in focus here.

Jane got together with Paddy Shanahan (Lead Guitar), Danny Lanham (Bass), and Ben Wanders (Drums) in the summer of 2019 to form the mightily impressive Limerick band Eve’s Record Box. They put their combined love of Jazz and Neo-Soul, as well as Jane’s degree in Song Writing from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London, into the blender and hey presto! some magic appeared.

In the atmospheric and pensive track London we’re given a soundtrack of the chaos and cityscape of the metropolis, whilst also getting delivered a musical taste of the talent, the diversity, the density, and the general melting pot of the place, something which also makes up many of the band’s musical influences. The band draws inspiration from traditional jazz, as well as acts such as Kamaal Williams, Hiatus Kaiyote, Jordan Rakei, Flying Lotus etc..

Here they are with the intelligent and catchy track Solo Heroes:

and then


Style: Pop, Electronic Pop, Indie, Lowfi

Key words: Alternative, Emotive, Anthemic, Catchy, Breakup, Loss, Swagger, Powerful, Dark, Strong, Love, Change, Inspiring

As a solo artist Jane’s music has a slightly different lean, more romantic and personal, yet at the same time wider and a bit more pop while remaining quirky, intricate and exciting.

In the below windswept sensitive track, we start on the beach, feeling the softness of the sand between our toes, only to gradually soar into the sunset, but still with an eye on the jagged coastline, all the while pondering the undulations and vagaries of life.

Throughout both of these projects the vocals of Jane remain an absolute emotional anchor, and something electrifying.

If we have our way, all in all, this entire musical journey is bound for dizzying heights, whilst remaining level headed with a wry, intoxicating smile. Just you wait.

And if you’re already hooked here’s some more:

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