Artist Profile: Corner Boy - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Corner Boy

Artist Profile: Corner Boy

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland


Style: Folk, Irish Traditional, Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Roots, Americana

Moods: Uplifting, Warm, Heartfelt, Love, Escape, Relationships, Hope, Upbeat, Happy, Adventure, Energy, Feelgood, Building, Driving

An Irish answer to the uplifting, driving folk force of Mumford and Sons, and the romantic, warm folky feels of The Lumineers comes in the form of Wexford based band Corner Boy. Formed in 2013, Michael D’Arcy (vocals, guitar), Matthew O’ Brien (banjo, slide, mandolin), Michael Sutherland (drums), Leo Staples(bass), and Cian McGovern (accordion, keyboards, tin whistle, harmonica, backing vocals) are the minds behind Corner Boy’s folk/rock sound. If ever there was a group to ignite a fire of energy inside you, then these are your men. Mixing Irish traditional instruments with soaring gospel-style vocal choruses, and a touch of the blues and Appalachian mountain roots, their musical blend is warm, inviting and infectiously feelgood. With roots influences there’s a wholesome, vast feel to the soundscapes of certain tracks, such as, ‘Cold Love’, with its smoky, cinematic backdrop. Elsewhere, lyrics-wise Corner Boy effortlessly write for the hopeless romantic and eternal optimist; “We should move to Paris for the spring” (‘Move To Paris), “Sunlight come get me in every corner of my life” (‘Sunlight’). Their driving upbeat melodies and hopeful, optimistic words are especially soothing in these turbulent times, but always needed.

Video for ‘Morning Morning’

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