Artist Profile: Constant Supply - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Constant Supply

Artist Profile: Constant Supply

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland


Style: Indie Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative, Acoustic

Moods: Building, Gritty, Explosive, Inspirational, Anger, Soaring, Hard hitting, Moody, Subdued, Melancholic, Mysterious

I smell burning but we’re still alive (‘The Cable Car Is Waiting’)

There’s a fine line between darkness and light in the music of county Donegal’s five piece Constant Supply. When contemplating what may or may not have influenced their sound, the distinct landscape of Donegal comes to mind as there is a rugged vastness to it that’s strong and rich, and beautiful, all qualities that are present in Constant Supply’s tracks. On their end this band describes their music as “melodic, atmospheric compositions, driven along through light and dark alleyways by pulsing drums”. This image of alleyways becomes apparent when listening, as haunting atmospheres are created while at times there’s also room for a lone, beautiful single line of melody. Tracks such as ‘Requisite’ are a good example of this, with its lone piano motif surrounded by a subdued, hazy soundscape. The sense of darkness is heightened even more  as the band have a knack for inserting an underlying unnerving presence in their music; as heard with the piano line in ‘Requisite’ and elsewhere with the ticking, mechanical percussion in ‘The Cable Car Is Waiting’. Lyrically they write about money, power, sex, desire and pressure; themes that in today’s political landscape is particularly peritnent.

Here’s the video for ‘Half Party, Half Bottle’


Clare McGonigle