Composer Introduction: Ronan Johnston - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Composer Introduction: Ronan Johnston

Composer Introduction: Ronan Johnston


Ronan Johnston

As we are working on changes for the website to include a composer page we thought we’d take this moment out to start get you acquainted with our small yet perfectly formed roster.

Ronan is representing our Pop, Romance, Comedy, Animation and Children composer arm.

He is the composer of the HBO hit show Mooneboy:

And also composed the music for the lauded Fairycatcher:


A long history of working in the industry has ensured Ronan a great name through excellence, dedication and delivery.

More information on Ronan will soon be available on the Avant Music Port website.

In the meantime if he sounds like a perfect fit for a project you are currently working on, just let us know and we’ll send on a show reel and/or playlist.