Artist Profile: August Wells - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: August Wells

Artist Profile: August Wells

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Baroque Pop, Smooth Jazz, Country


Beautiful, Cinematic, Quirky, Atmospheric, Classic, Swinging, Laidback, Lyrical


One of Avant Music Port’s answers to John Grant, Nick Cave and Richard Hawley comes in the shape of August Wells, a musical project formed in NYC by Dublin’s Kenneth Griffin and New York native and pianist John Rauchenberger. Together these two have created a sweet and deep universe for us all to enter, where lyrics and vocals form an extra important framework upon which the enchanting compositions are draped. The absurdities of life keep forming clear rings around the songs that are dropped, and an urge not to take things too seriously is reemphasized, as in the “Dying is not worth living for” track which goes on to advise that neither is living “worth dying for.” This is tongue-firmly-in-cheek territory. It is Baroque Pop in all it’s glory, pomp and circumstance offered to you with a cheeky smile. It’s delicious and suave, and pre-cleared for you.


You’ll see what we mean when you have a look at this A little too Real video:

You can find more August Wells on the player: Listen on the Avant Music Port player


And keep an eye out for these guys, as they are incredibly busy touring all over, but especially in Ireland, London and New York.