Artist Profile: Two Year Vacation - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Two Year Vacation

Artist Profile: Two Year Vacation

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland


Style: Disco, Caribbean/Tropical Kraut, Pop, Synthpop, Soft Rock, Indie Pop, Electronic

Moods: Lively, Upbeat, Happy, Fun, Uplifting, Warm, Romantic, Summertime, Reflective, Dreamy, Nostalgic, Playful, Young, Feel-good, Moody, Groovy


During these dark and dreary winter mornings how were we to know that we could look to Sweden, an even darker place in winter, for a ‘pick me up’. This mood enhancer comes in the form of a five piece called Two Year Vacation, and they do definitely sonically personify eternal blue skies and sun-drenched beach holidays. With a mix of Tropical Kraut, Synthpop and Soft Rock they have a similar style to the French Alt rock band Phoenix; that is, uplifting, feel-good synth melodies all over, with a soft rock edginess.

Two Year Vacation is made up of David Furbacken (drums), Anton Tuvesson (guitar, lead vocal), Max Hessman (keys), Jonathan Westergren (guitar), and György Barocsai (bass) and is signed to Swedish independent label VÅRØ. Their debut EP featured the track ‘Love Will Come Back To You’, which, again, is the definition of sunshine, making it no surprise that the EP quickly clocked up 100,000 plays on Spotify. If in need of a soundtrack that tells the stories of long hot summers, eternal optimism, the carefreeness of youth, or even slow motion dancing in sun-filled colourful fields of flowers, then these guys are your answer. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely heading up to Sweden soon to see what’s in the water and snow…


Video for the ‘Telemark 2000’:

by Clare McGonigle