Artist Profile: Train Room - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Train Room

Artist Profile: Train Room

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue

Style: Indie, Indie Rock, Contemporary

Key words: Melancholy, Somber, Love, Pensive, Sincere, Grief, Melodic, Soaring, Hopeful, Thoughtful, Storytelling, Sweet, Free, Flowing

With a Dublin album launch looming the nerves are fraying and the swagger evident in the music perhaps a couple of steps behind. It’s been a weird time that we’ve gone through, and the fact that we’re not out the other end of it yet can feel a bit daunting too, on top of jitters that a launch of any kind of heartfelt project can bring on. The layers of emotion and energy are so many. However, we’re certain that Joe Monaghan (from Mayo, and aka Train Room) will have only more praise and garlands to await.

What Joe has achieved with his album 33 is something seriously accomplished and interesting. You can tell that this has been thought through and carefully crafted without losing any spontaneity and heart. By now a good few of you out there that keep on top of the Avant Music Port Mixtapes will have heard the Horizons track, and if that tickles your fancy then what is to come will be sure to do the same. Come listen with us.

More on the launch details below.

It is indie permeated with orchestral beauty, melding the instruments harmoniously. While Grace is a slow burn, by the 90 second mark it has blossomed into a fusion of contemporary instruments that makes you think that Monaghan might really be onto something.


Assured and from the heart.

Another stomper complete with ballsy brass, Beatlesy guitar lines and a gloriously catchy melody.

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