Artist Profile: Topso - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Topso

Artist Profile: Topso

New to Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Reggae, Pop, Indie

Key words: Struggle, Questioning, Feelings, Striving, Trying, Understanding, Hoping, Progressive, Protest, Laidback, Wishing, Pensive, Relaxed, Thinking, Warm, Emotions

This Kildare four piece made up of Adam Daly, Neil Butler, John Heraghty and Conor Byrne, make tunes that overwhelmingly deal with messages about overcoming fears, doubts and anxieties, and to deliver these message they chose a cool and relaxed musical vehicle with a reggae bounce, ensuring that the tracks are catchy as well as seductive.

Adam’Daly’s vocals are full of character and grit, and the addition of Clare O’Kennedy’s vocals to a good few of the tracks add a further layer of complexity and charm.

The long time friends and jobbing musicians of the band have spent plenty of time in reflection on reform, of both their musical output and their lives in general, and the time taken is proven in the care and delivery of their music.

With the times being what they are at the moment, the topics of some of Topso’s tracks become even more pertinent, such as, this track Fear, for example:

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