Artist Profile: The Albertus Seba - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: The Albertus Seba

Artist Profile: The Albertus Seba

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Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Post Classical, Experimental

Key words: Dark, Intense, Medieval, Haunting, Ghosts, Pressing, Insistent, Industrial, Mysterious, Strange, Evocative, Discord, Foreboding, Cinematic, Tribal

With a band name based on a Dutch pharmacist, zoologist and collector, a cabinet of dark and dangerous curiosities is just to be expected. Thomas Haugh, the man behind the band, has as such built up a sonic treasure that is as experimental and haunting as the cabinet of the original Albertus Seba’s one. There’s no taxidermy taking place here, (unless you could stuff a musical note somehow) but then again this music could surely be fitting as a soundtrack for such an endeavour too. 

Cinematic, and ancient, the music here drives a hard bargain. Simultaneously, building musical worlds as it tears them down. Dare to enter this world on your own risk, you will be transported in time and space and possibly get into a frame of mind that will be quite distracting and confusing. You will be finding your way forward with trembling hands as the candle light that shifts around the walls, throws goblins and trembling animals as shadows across your way.

Here’s Goose Winged Under Silver Moon:

And if the actual Albertus Seba peeks your curiosity too, you can find out a bit more about him here:

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