Artist Profile: Swords - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Swords

Artist Profile: Swords

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Style: Alternative, Pop, Electronic, Indie Rock, Dance, Punk

Moods: Epic, Emotional, Dramatic, Building, Dark, Groovy, Passionate, Lively, Warm, Cosmic, Driven, Honest, Reflective, Dreamy, Intense, Atmospheric

Electro indie unit Swords understand the power and importance of a strong melodic hook, and here at AMP that is something we greatly appreciate the importance of too – advertising people we’re looking at you! In the case of this Dublin based band, a brilliant melodic hook often comes in the form of a vocal, as well as via a guitar, synth or piano line, with the addition of a rhythmic drum pattern to match.

Swords is made up of Diane Anglim (vocals, piano, synth), Jarlath Canning (bass, synth), and Ian Frawley (drums). Since their debut in 2011, the trio have released two albums, both of which we proudly have in our catalogue. With a producer who has The Frames on his track record (Karl Odlum), and a Grammy award winning sound engineer (Mandy Parnell) who has worked with the likes of Sigur Ros and The xx, the band have been in good hands. Throughout the three year gap between the release of the two albums, Swords’ sound changed ever so slightly; where Lions and Gold (2013) is predominantly synth lead with an 80s feel and hint of Blondie-type punch (‘All The Boys’), whereas Tidal Waves (2016) has a stripped back setup, and shifts more attention to songwriting, and so as a result includes tracks such as ‘The Letter’ which is reflective and moving. However a definite thread between both albums is Anglim’s heartfelt, sometimes delicate/sometimes soaring vocals which are central to their sound. This results in a collection of songs in our catalogue that overall paint a broad sonic soundscape and so make Swords very versatile for the world of sync!

Clare McGonigle

Video for ‘All The Boys’