Artist Profile: The Sour Seeds - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: The Sour Seeds

Artist Profile: The Sour Seeds

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Rock, Alternative, Soul, Blues

Groovy, Upbeat, Funky, Fun, Soulful, Energetic, Edgy, Dark, Anticipating, Moody, Powerful, Dramatic, Attitude

Gritty guitars mixed with an expressive male vocal; seemingly steeped in heartbreak and almost ‘sour’ in tone, are but two of the staple features that give The Sour Seeds their soulful alternative rock; with a dash of blues, sound. Similar to bands such as The Black Keys and Kings of Leon, The Sour Seeds have an edgy, intense, almost moody outer shell, singing of heartbreak and hard times, but at the core have groovy, catchy guitar riffs which give the band a more upbeat energetic sound.

Hailing from Dublin, this alternative rock band is made up Sean Lay (guitar), Brian Reynolds (saxophone/guitar), Darragh Cullen (vocals/drums), and Mikey Deasy (bass/vocals). The band is currently on their first Irish tour and will be releasing their debut album this summer – we sure are looking forward to hearing this one!

Check out their video for ‘Can’t bring me down’

Sample from the AMP catalogue here: Listen on the Avant Music Port player

By Clare McGonigle