Artist Profile: Rosa Nutty - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Rosa Nutty

Artist Profile: Rosa Nutty

New Music for Sync Licensing

Style: Alt Folk, Alt Pop, Indie Rock

Moods: Flowing, Bittersweet, Moody, Suspenseful, Haunting, Love, Marine, Upbeat, Youth, Reflective, Soft

Think: sweet, honest, pure, calm, and you will have gathered a good picture of the essence of this Dublin Singer Songwriter. With an exquisite vocal range she reaches far into your emotions, finding common ground upon which we can share her well-worded songs. She feels genuine delight in lighting the air that surrounds her words and notes. Rosa is your friend and confidant, and you should be so lucky to have someone like that at your side.

With a track like “Fine Print”, she manages to both talk about serious issues, as well as create a song that will stubbornly but charmingly stay and stay. You won’t want it to go away. In “Holiday” she’s crafted something of a sweet version of Fiona Apple’s “Container” (you know, the theme tune to HBO’s The Affair). This is a youngster with a lot of talent and promise.

Watch the video for “Fine Print”:


But there are also new songs on the way, such as the recent “Fizzy”:




Come get the sync from the Avant Music Port catalogue: